Z590 vs Z490 – Which one is the best?

There is no denying the fact that the motherboard is the primary component of any computer. The motherboard is the most important component of any PC and the chipset is the most important component of any motherboard. Hence, whenever you are looking forward to buying a motherboard make sure to examine the chipset characteristics.

Choosing a motherboard is quite daunting, for this very reason we have put together a detailed comparison report on z590 vs z490!

Key Similarities between Z590 vs Z490

The z590 and z490 motherboards are quite similar in plenty of aspects. Here are a few key similarities that you can observe in both the models of the motherboard.

Inclusion of Overclocking Feature

The z590 and z490 both motherboards share a common feature that allows users to overclock the motherboard. Overclocking is an essential feature that enables your motherboard to run at an excessively higher speed as compared to the default speed set by the manufacturer originally.

Compatible with 10th and 11th Gen core processors 

Surprisingly, both z590 and z490 are compatible with 10th and 11th Gen core processors. Given that both of these motherboards support 11th gen core processors it is quite obvious that they operate on the latest form of architecture that is designed for intel.

Similar Sockets

The quantity of sockets in a motherboard is quite important because they allow you to connect your motherboard to various components. Moreover, sockets are the determiners of compatibility with processors.

Both these motherboards are equipped with an LGA1200 socket. This socket is one step ahead of LGA1151.

Notable Differences between z590 vs z490

On the surface, the z590 and z490 might look exactly similar to you. However, when you take a closer look at the specifications of both these models you will be able to spot a few differences that contribute to the overall performance of your PC. Let’s move on to discussing a few notable differences between z590 and z490.

Memory Support

Although both these models have proved to support DDR4-533, the z590 has a better RAM in terms of performance and overall speed. The z490 motherboard supports a maximal memory frequency of DDR4-2933, whereas the z590 is capable of providing a maximum level of memory frequency of up to DDR4-3200.

Difference in Connections

The z590 is equipped with options that support U.S.B 3.2. This is majorly responsible for the increased transfer level of up to 20 Gbps. On the other hand, the z490 lacks any such options; however, you can still connect it externally with the help of an ASMedia chip.

Chipset Linkages

The z490 offers four lanes of DMI connectivity, whereas the z590 offers twice the lanes of DMI connectivity as compared to the z490. This means that on z590 you will come across 8 lanes of DMI connectivity.

Specification Chart

Here we have done side-by-side detailed comparisons of every characteristic that both of these models offer respectively. Go through this chart and in no time you will be able to make up your mind regarding which chipset you need to buy according to your PC for a smooth user experience.

Featuresz490 z590
USB 2.0 Gen Ports1414
USB 3.2 Gen Ports (5Gbps)1010
USB 3.2 Gen Ports (10Gbps)610
USB 3.2 Gen Ports (20Gbps)03
Wi-FiWi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6
PCI Express Version (CPU)3.0 (for 10th Gen) & 4.0 (for 11th Gen)3.0 (for 10th Gen) & 4.0 (for 11th Gen)
DMI Lanes48
PCI Lanes (CPU)1616 & 20
CPU Compatibility 10th and 11th generation 10th and 11th generation 
Memory Slot44
Memory Capacity128GB128GB

End Note on z590 vs z490!

When it comes to comparing both of these motherboards, no doubt the z590 managed to stay one step ahead in terms of improved characteristics as a great chipset. The z590 is way more futuristic with its advanced features and twice the number of lanes for connectivity. However, the z590 comes with a higher price tag as it is the latest model.

Hence, if you are not majorly concerned about the CPU linkage and can compromise on comparatively less speed you can always go for z490 which is priced lower as compared to the latest z590!

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